Press Releases : July 2006

Amnesty for illegal immigrants would overwhelm social housing provision
If an amnesty were to be granted to the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants thought to be in the UK it would take 20-30 years – at the present rate of building - to provide social housing… [Read Full Article]
July 11, 2006

Public comprehensively reject calls for amnesty for illegal immigrants
The public has overwhelmingly rejected the idea of an amnesty for illegal immigrants. In a poll for think tank Migrationwatch, conducted by YouGov, (see results*) 72% either strongly disagreed (45%)… [Read Full Article]
July 5, 2006

EU Commission spokesman denies that ECHR is essential to membership of the EU.
Asked by the BBC's Mark Mardell whether if a country left the ECHR it would have to leave the EU, Jose Manuel Barroso's spokesman replied at the midday press briefing ( on 26 June): "the European Convention… [Read Full Article]
July 3, 2006

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